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Dana is a 7 year veteran in the fitness world and has been an athlete her whole life. She has a strong athletic training background and is very educated and practiced in post rehabilitative therapy based training. She believes in functional fitness with a flare for fun.

“Everyday should be better than the last, and each day you should feel stronger and more able.”  

Fitness should be about living life and living it in a manner that leaves you excited and ready to keep on moving!


Outside of fitness Dana has 2 children, a loving husband, several animals including horses, sheep chicken and dogs. She loves gardening and flowers and has a passion for all things outdoors, which is why she takes her clients outside to train as much as possible.

Dana also has an obsession for school and homework, and is constantly taking more courses and college classes to stay on top of science and medicine developments in her field. 


Pn1 Certified Coach

Certified Personal Trainer.


  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

  • Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist 

  • Youth Exercise Specialist  

  • Behavioral Change Specialist 

  • Weight Loss Specialist 

  • Group Training Instructor

Dance Fitness Instructor. D2Fit





PN1 Nutrition Coach.


Certified Fascianator Practitioner

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