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I love going to Dana's classes! They are fun and upbeat. They can challenge you to your own level, keeping in mind any injuries you might have. And the rolling as been amazing for my very sore neck!!! Can't wait to get stronger and healthier in 2018!!   


Dana is fabulous! Always there to encourage us! Always trying new things to keep it interesting and get us into shape!  


I've been working with Dana for almost 1 year now ad feel better than I have since I was in my 30’s. Stronger, Healthier and Happier.  Thanks Dana! 


Dana is awesome!! She makes sure you are comfortable but still getting the workout you need. She helps modify workouts to your needs. And the classes are so much fun! High energy and LOTS of laughter!!   


I was so fortunate to be introduced to Dana through a wellness program sponsored by my work. I had many false stats with my fitness journey but I was officially tired of giving up. My first meeting with Dana centered around setting personal goals, the start of which centered around getting control of my nutritional habits. I found the Precision Nutrition tool to be so helpful. The small daily check ins helped me establish habits and keep me on track. Dana and I decided to meet one day a week to focus on strength training. The process was completely personalized, with Dana constantly checking in and readjusting. After a few months, with all of Dana’s support and motivation, I found myself totally addicted to the whole process. It didn’t take long until I found myself in the type of physical and mental shape I had only dreamed about. I looked forward to our monthly weigh ins and soon found myself blowing through goals. While my old goals usually centered around weight loss, I soon didn’t care as much about the numbers in the scale, partly because my muscle gains were so significant.  New goals geared around mastering new moves or completing competitions. With the support of this program I completed my first triathlon!!!

I have now been working with Dana for over a year. We continue to work on nutrition and meet weekly for weight training, but have begun utilizing supplements to maximize my performance. 

Not only am I in the best physical shape of my life, but because of Dana’s support and program, I have whole life wellness allowing me to balance being the best business woman, wife and mother.


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